Pomace Wood - Dry pomace wood pit

image5Introduction to the pomace wood and the dry pomace wood pit:

Pomace wood is a type of biomass and it constitutes an alternative and renewable source of energy. Due to the environmental awareness, it becomes more and more popular as a fuel alternative to fossil fuels.

Our strict criteria in terms of the quality of the raw material (olive pomace) and our mechanological equipment of high technology, allow us to produce pomace wood with the following specifications: low humidity (10%) and high net calorific value (4350kcal/kg). It is worth mentioning that 2,5 tones of pomace wood have exactly the same calorific value as 1 tone of petroleum.

It is a user-friendly product and its price is extremely attractive in comparison with other fuels.

We supply our customers in Greece and abroad with pomace wood for domestic and/or industrial use. Our customers operate mainly in the following sectors: Tiles industry, production of lime products, production of paper, production of natural juices, greenhouses, slaughterhouses and generation of electricity.

The dry pomace wood pit has a higher net calorific value, less dust, flows easily inside the burners and excludes less fume during its combustion.

We provide our wholesale and/or retail customers with pomace wood and pomace wood pit in the following types:

    • Bulk quantities
    • Packed in bags of 35kg
    • Packed in bags of 20kg (only the dry pomace wood pit)
    • Packed in big bags of 750kg
    • In pallets upon request

Last but not least, we have created a self-service corner for you, where you can pack your bags on your own and save the expenses of packaging!

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