Our History


1907-1938 The professional activity of this family business starts back in 1907 when Panagiotis K. Chatzelis participates in the operation of one of the first oil core plants in Greece, located in the island of Lesvos.
1960-1984 His son, Konstantinos P. Chatzelis starts up the company and builds the first oil core plant in Sparta, Lakonia, Greece. This start up contributes to the change of the way that the pomace was perceived by the local community: from an industrial waste it is now considered a product with value and simultaneously a raw material for the production of pomace oil and pomace wood.
1985 Panagiotis K. Chatzelis, representing the third generation of the family, becomes CEO and the company makes the first export in its history by selling 150 tones of pomace oil to a Spanish refinery.
1986 A brand new and modern factory is now built in Sparta, Lakonia, Greece and it is ready to elaborate a specialized kind of pomace (centrifugal pomace0. This step constitutes an innovative investment, which proved to be positively crucial for the future of the company.
1992 The second factory is built in Molaoi, Lakonia, Greece. This investment builds a stronger distribution channel with our suppliers in South Lakonia especially by minimizing the transportation costs.
2000  Chatzelis Group creates a new company, ECOENERGY S.A, located in the industrial zone of Meligalas, Messinia, Greece. A new oil core plant is now built and operates in the same area.



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