Pomace Oil

The first step of the production process includes double spin dryers in which the core heats to evaporate the moisture it contains at a high percentage. Inevitably it is poured in large containers, where with the use of hexane the oil is dissolved in the form it is exported from the oil core plants.

Then the stage of boiling follows, where hexane evaporates with hot steam, which is then recycled and reused, so that oil is left, which is collected in containers to be taken to other industrial units, where the next process stages of refinement are made until it reaches the production of the final product.

Pomace oil is a refined oil, light, easily digestible, pure and appropriate for cooking. Its quality is superior compared to kernel oils, since it maintains the properties and basic traits of olive oil. Due to its chemical composition, it is more tolerant to high temperatures, and therefore can be used for subsequent frying more times than any kernel oil. The biggest percentage of our pomace oil it is being exported in Italian and Spanish refinaries.

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